Rebecca working with one of her clients.

Breastfeeding is the healthiest and most natural way for a mother to provide the perfect nutrition to her baby. While breastfeeding is a natural process, it's definitely not an easy one. Whether your baby is losing excess weight, having difficulty latching, dealing with milk oversupply or under-supply, or just want to make sure everything is going correctly, Rebecca can help. Her in-home lactation services make it easy for mothers to reach their nursing goals in the comfort of their own home. 

The Newborn Special - $350*

This package includes two visits: One hospital visit to assist with your baby's first latch, followed by a separate, full feeding assessment at home. During the first visit Rebecca will help with positioning and latch and teach you all about newborn feedings. At the next visit Rebecca will take a detailed maternal history, weigh your newborn, take pre- and post-feeding weights to see how much milk is being transferred and provide a detailed plan of care. This package is highly recommended for first-time mother to make sure breastfeeding gets off to a good start.

Private, In-Home Lactation Consultation - $250*

This is for anyone looking for extra help and support with breastfeeding. Whether you are having issues with milk supply, latching difficulties, experiencing a breast infection, or just want to make sure you're doing everything correctly, Rebecca will provide a full consultation scheduled around your baby's feeding schedule. This visit lasts about 1.5 hours. 

In-Home Follow-Up - $125*

Follow-ups are scheduled as needed after an initial consultation and include a weight check, another feeding assessment and an updated plan of care. 

Weight Check - $100

Want to make sure you're baby is gaining weight? Book a weight check! Rebecca will bring a hospital-grade infant scale to your home to weigh your baby. 

Phone or Video Consult - $95/ half hour

Don't live in LA? That's ok! You can still schedule an over-the-phone or virtual lactation consultation with Rebecca. A HIPPA compliant secure video conferencing program makes it possible to virtually consult with Rebecca no matter how far away you are.

 Prenatal Breastfeeding Class - $175/couple*

Private or group prenatal breastfeeding class. This class provides clear, evidence-based breastfeeding information for expectant parents. Topics include: breastfeeding benefits, techniques, various nursing positions and comfort holds, maternal diet considerations, nipple care, tips for getting your partner involved, and the advantages of human milk over supplementation.

Postpartum Weight Loss Plan - $275

Do you want to lose weight safely while breastfeeding? Rebecca's extensive education in the field of nutrition has taught her how to customize weight loss plans for nursing women. She will show you how to shed pounds safely and naturally while nourishing a happy, healthy baby.  Learn what and how much to eat, which foods to avoid, plus ways to keep the pounds off after you stop nursing.

Gift Cards

Looking for the perfect gift for a mom-to-be? Give the gift of breastfeeding support! This gift can make all the difference for getting breastfeeding off to a good start. Gift certificates are available here and can be sent to the recipient instantly. 

*Upon request, Rebecca can provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Payment is due in full at the time of service.0