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"I am so thankful to have had Rebecca as my lactation consultant when I brought home my son, Henry. She was knowledgeable, patient, giving of her time and above all, supportive. I knew a lot about breastfeeding when I started, but putting it into action was an entirely different thing. It is so important to have someone who not only understands the science and mechanics of what physically needs to happen, but is also there for you as a mom. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we are doing a good job. Rebecca was able to provide all of that and more!"        

Paige H., Los Angeles

"Rebecca was patient, caring and knowledgeable of all my lactation needs. Having a premature baby was a challenge and I was almost about to give up breastfeeding but she helped us through it with her dedication and guidance. Today I'm a grateful mom of a happy and healthy breastfeeding baby!"                                         

Jeannette D., Los Angeles

"Working with Rebecca had a significantly positive impact on my confidence when it came to nursing. Not only did she teach me the proper way to latch, but she showed me how to nurse without the use of a nipple shield. She demonstrated different techniques to encourage milk let-down, as well as ways to relieve engorgement and make feeding easier for my daughter.  She answered all of my questions and provided me with useful and constructive feedback."

Dena K., Los Angeles

"Rebecca is an amazing Lactation Consultant!! She was extremely patient, helpful, caring, professional, and knowledgeable while working with me! I experienced excruciating pain on my left breast while nursing for the first 5 weeks and Rebecca provided individualized care to help me through it. She taught me how to latch and nurse properly, suggested various ways to alleviate the pain, informed me of the benefits and importance of breastfeeding, and most importantly was always available to answer questions and assist me when I needed help. Rebecca made me feel like her top priority by checking in on me and making time for house calls. Every time I spoke with her I felt more confident and knowledgeable about nursing. Now I absolutely LOVE nursing and I could not be more grateful for the support she provided!"        

Lauren P., Los Angeles

"Rebecca really helped me because I wanted a plan to wean off of breastfeeding that would cause minimal pain and avoid risk of infection. She wrote out a detailed plan that made the weaning process very smooth and easy to follow. She was extremely personable and knowledgeable. I had a great experience with her and would highly recommend her."                                    

Sherry R., Los Angeles

"After three months of using a nipple shield to feed my baby boy, I was ready to give up breast feeding. Between his screaming when I tried nursing without it, to always having the shield accessible, breast feeding was taking too much time and causing too much stress for my baby and I. It did not seem worth it, so I tried for my last hope. Rebecca arrived with a baby scale and note pad and we got to work right away. She explained how she would weigh the baby before and after feeding so we can see how much he is consuming. Then we began the feeding. Rebecca sat by me and I removed the shield and began to start trying to breastfeed. She kept me calm and relaxed and explained that it will happen slowly. Soon my baby boy latched on and was breastfeeding without a nipple shield. I couldn't believe how fast and easy it was! Rebecca worked miracles, she gave me some tips on how to keep a large supply of milk and how to continue to breastfeed without a shield. I am so thankful for Rebecca!"                                             

Hillary K., Los Angeles